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Subject: Re: Any work-around? Opera 9 and keyCode
Posted by:  Paul Gorodyansky (paulg…
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006


Found more details - looks like Opera 9 uses ASCII code and KeyCode
for Del and '.' in an opposite way to other browsers:

So does Opera 9 have a bug?

My function that works via OnKeyDown showed more details -

According to the value table for example here:

- keyCode value for Delete key is 46
- while for a dot - '.' - value is 190

Firefox and IE show exactly that in the function called via onkeydown -
46 and 190

while Opera 9 shows 46 for _both_ Delete key abd '.'

That is, it gives wrong value for '.' - gives ASCII code instead
of keyCode (should be 190)

In the function that works via onkeypressed it's also wrong:

Here Opera 9 gives keyCode instead of ASCII code for Delete button:

for example,  '['    - correct ASCII code 91
              '.'    - correct ASCII code 46

Del - incorrect - should be ASCII code 127 but instead it gives keyCode
= 46

Bug? Is it possible to find a work-around?




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Any work-around? Opera 9 and keyCode posted by Paul Gorodyansky on Thu, 14 Sep 2006