custom attributes in firefox

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Subject: custom attributes in firefox
Posted by:  mrsd…
Date: 19 Sep 2006

I am building custom attributes as a means to pass data from the client
to the server.  To accomplish this task, a class of "postback" is
applied to a link or button.  When the link or button is clicked,
custom attributes are parsed from the link and submitted to the
application as hidden form fields.  The code below better illustrates
the HTML:

<a class="postback" c:myAttribute1="value"

This works fine in IE (6 and 7), however the JavaScript engine in
FireFox treats attributes as case-insensitive and, as a result, submits
the hidden input as "myattribute1" and "myattribute2".  The server code
is case-sensitive, so it does not get the proper value.  I was
wondering if there were any ways to mitigate this problem on the
client.  I understand that there are many server-side solutions.
Additionally, I understand that the w3c recommends that attributes
should be case-sensitive.  However, I have a need to make this work.