Formatting data being displayed

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Subject: Formatting data being displayed
Posted by:  tanhaa (sahir.fanat…
Date: 22 Sep 2006

Hi all,

Just curious if Javascript can do this for me:

I have data stored in a particular format and when displaying that
data, I want it to be shown in specific format.

E.G. Phone numbers:

the numbers are stored in a string format:  3335551212

When the number is displayed, I want it to be displayed as:  (333)

I know there are several ways where you can ensure that validation is
done when the data is being inserted so that the number can be stored
in (333) 555-1212 format, but i dont want the data to be stored like
that, I only want it to be displayed like that.

All my search on the web to see if this is possible has been really
fruitless.  Can anyone please help?

Amit Malhotra