Re: Asynchronous Updates Between Web Clients

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Subject: Re: Asynchronous Updates Between Web Clients
Posted by:  Tom Cole (tcol…
Date: 24 Sep 2006

Bryan wrote:
> I think it's okay to ask this question in this group, but if not please
> point me to the correct one!
> How does one go about doing asynchronous updates between two web
> clients?  Take Google Chat for example... how does Google Chat update a
> chatter's chat window with text entered by the other chatter?

It doesn't work client to client. It works client to server, both
clients communicating with the server as the bridge.

User types message into Client 1. Client 1 sends message to server.
Server stores message. Client 2 polls server for new messages, server
sends message to client 2. Client 2 displays message to User 2. User 2
enters message. Client 2 sends message to server....on and on and on.


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