Using Coldfusion want to use Javascript.

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Subject: Using Coldfusion want to use Javascript.
Posted by:  am_pcguy (ampcg…
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006

I have a web based application for my company.  We use Coldfusion, I
wanted to see if I could use Javascript to make the page a bit more

Right now I use the command:
<cfhttp URL="http://server:port" method="get" Timeout="20" charset="UTF-8">
<cfhttpparam name="var" type="CGI" value="command I send">

this connects to an application on another server listening on the
provided port for a request.  When it sees the command a parser
reads the command and formats an XML file that is returned to the web
page. I can parse the XML and use it to fill out the page.

I've read about using "ActiveXObject(Microsoft.XMLHTTP)" and
onreadystatechange to dynamically update a web page.

I would like to send the Coldfusion command, or it's Javascript equivalent
to update the page. Say if you need to change an address,
you could submit the change and just the address would be updated on the
page, so it isn't necessary for the remote server to return the entire
account information again.

Is there a Javascript equivalent to the <cfhttp> request, and what is it?

Adam M