How to make simple animation on web

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Subject: How to make simple animation on web
Posted by:  softwaredeveloper (SanDiegoCod…
Date: 27 Sep 2006

Hi friends,

I am very new here, could you please give me some suggestions? Is FLASH
the right technology? Or if there is any better solution?

Purpose - To generate multiple simple moving objects like a box on my
website that can move from left to right and up/down. The moving
objects have to be dynamically generated according to different
products and the sharps are a little bit different.

Other requirements - Better work in MS .NET envoirnment, but other
suggestions are also welcomed.

I am thinking to call a third party api (such as flash api) to
dynamically generate the picture or some file format and link on my

Can anyone give me a suggestion on -

          (1). Which technology is suitable or better?
          (2). Where I can start?
          (3). Where I can find out the tutorial or reference?
          (4). Any detail suggestion?

Thanks a lot for all your help !

Happy coding !