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Subject: showmodaldialog - dialogArgument
Posted by:  tony wong (x…
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006

i make use of showmodaldialog to pass a value to an asp page (cancell2.asp)

window.showModalDialog("cancell2.asp",[i],"dialogHeight: 140px; dialogWidth:
350px; dialogTop: px; dialogLeft: px; edge: Raised; center: Yes; help: No;
resizable: No; status: No;");

cancell2.asp is an asp page to null the field in SQL table.

how can i put the value to this line (objCommand.CommandText....).  Thanks a
Option Explicit
Dim strConnect
<!-- #include file="datastore.asp" -->
<!-- METADATA TYPE="typelib"
                            FILE="C:\Program Files\Common
Files\System\ado\msado15.dll" -->
Dim CancellsmsID, objRS, objCommand
Set objCommand = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
objCommand.ActiveConnection = strConnect
objCommand.CommandText = "update dbo.table_out set Schedule_Time = null
where fax_id =window.dialogArguments;"
objCommand.CommandType = adCmdText
Set objRS = objCommand.Execute
Set objRS = Nothing