Retain Text Formatting From Web Page

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Subject: Retain Text Formatting From Web Page
Posted by:  al_johnson1…
Date: 1 Dec 2006

Apologies for the almost duplicate post but thought this was much
clearer description of the issue than what I originally posted.

I'm trying to do simple integration with a third-party
web application.  The app has an 'Action' button on all pages that
can be associate with a JS function.  Our application is very
at parsing text provided it is in some reasonably standard structure.

Is what we are trying to do is have a JS function that can be called
any page in their system that will provide a reasonable representation
of the text on the screen.  I need something close to
document.body.innerText; the problem with this function is that it
strips spacing from tables so we can't get consistent layout.

The consistent layout I am looking for would be the same as if you did
the following on any page:
  1) Select all
  2) Copy
  3) Paste to notepad

Is there a function or process that will retrieve all text and retain