Newbie Mootools Syntax Question

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Subject: Newbie Mootools Syntax Question
Posted by:  Vik Rubenfeld (
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007

I'm setting up an Ajax call, and, being a mootools newbie, I haven't
figured out the syntax yet. I'm getting an error from Firebug saying,
"HandleClick is not defined."

Here's the code:

HandleClick: function()
      var url = '/respond_to_help_request';
      var theContents = $('get_help').getText;

      new Ajax(url, {

                method: 'post',
                onComplete: function(request){
                        //prepare search container for new results


                        var theElement = $('get_help');
                //post search form
                postBody: theContents


var Site = {
      start: function()
              $("get_help").addEvent('click', {function:

window.addEvent('domready', Site.start);

How can I fix this?

Thanks very much in advance to all for any info.