not to show menubar,addressbar & etc of browser without any security confirm

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Subject: not to show menubar,addressbar & etc of browser without any security confirm
Posted by:  lale.k…
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007

I want my Browser not to show menubar,addressbar,toolbar and etc. when
the first page of my site become loaded.
I use this code for it:

<script type='text/javascript'>
function SetWindow_Browser()

  var height = 700                      //Set height
  var width = 700                      //Set width
  var name = "winname"            //Set window name
  var top = 20                            //Set distance from top
  var left = 20                            //Set distance from left

  //script revision by A. Kuehler, XombieRx
  if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") //start handling for Netsacpe
and Mozilla
  window.menubar.visible = false;
  window.locationbar.visible = false;
  window.scrollbars.visible = false;
  window.personalbar.visible = false;
  window.statusbar.visible = false;
  window.toolbar.visible = false;"UniversalBrowserWrite")
  resizeTo(width,height);  //replace with actual numerical values
  }//end if handling for Netscape/Mozilla

  { //for all other browers
        //script provided by superslamwich
      { + "?
+ width + ",height=" + height + ",left=" + left + ",top=" + top);
  }//end handling for all other browsers


<BODY onload="SetWindow_Browser();">
when I use this code in Mozilla firefox ,It opens dialog confirm, with
this title:"internet security" and with this text:"A script "file://"
is requesting enhanced abilites UNSAFE and could be used compromise
your mashine or data"
& ask me to allow or deny it.
if I push allow botton It will works but I don't want to show this
dialog ,I wanna do it directly without any question.
how could I do it?Is it possible?and do u know another way to hidden
and also when I use this code in Internet Explorer it appears menu at
the  top of Browser 's window with this content:
"to help protect your security ,Internet Exlprer has restricted this
file from showing active content that could access your computer click
for option" and when I seclect "allow blocked content",It will does
something that I want.but I don't want to show this menu too.thx