Basic questions about alert() and confirm()

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Subject: Basic questions about alert() and confirm()
Posted by:  simplicity (stella_pige…
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007

I have some basic questions about alert() and confirm():

(1) Is it possible to customize the labels in the buttons, eg. put
"Yes" instead of "OK"?

(2) Is there a control over the text in the pop-up frame? I would like
to get rid of "Windows Internet Explorer" (IE) or "The page at says:" (Firefox) or replace it with
something meaningfull.

(BTW, the text in the frame in Firefox is not even true as the pop-up
does not originate in the server but locally).

I browsed through tens of sites but all I found is one-liners about
both functions. Well... maybe that's all that it is there...