Ajax Form Save-Reload

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Subject: Ajax Form Save-Reload
Posted by:  MC (mica[removethis]@aisus.com)
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008


I am googling for a script and can't seem to find code to do this. I can
probably write code to save but reloading is an issue.

I want to, using ajax, send all form data back to a server and store. A
concise function to cycle through the fields and create a [element
name,value][element name,value] string would be great. I can give the user
the button to call this "Save Form Data" and store in on the server.

I want to give the user a button, and using ajax call to the server and get
the data. This I can do. Given a string of data, reload the fields in the
form. Cycling through the data, finding the matching element name, and
reload the value given the appropriate element type, text, checkbox, radio,

I know this exists but have been unable to find.