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Subject: Browser cross compatible javascript
Posted by:  DanWeaver (danofweav…
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008

I use visual studio 2008 and am learning to use javascript. I am
constructing a javascript heavy website and have tried using the
visual studio tools as well as Firebug- an add on for Firefox which I
highly recommend . These tools are a large step up from writing the
code in a text editor and guessing through the use of message boxes
what is going wrong.
(* off topic extra info)  QUESTION- Javascript that works perfectly
well in IE sometimes does not function in Firefox- is there a free and
simple tool that enables a coder to plonk in javascript (or a whole
web page) that works in one browser and have spat out some cross
compatible javascript / page code?

* (off topic extra info) Trying to keep a page looking good for
Firefox, IE, Safari is difficult enough as it is- what with
differences in the way browsers interpret something as seemingly
innocuous as the width of a textbox (eventually solved by using
browser specific style changes such as [if IE...]-