An example of an MVC architecture

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Subject: An example of an MVC architecture
Posted by:  Julio Di Egidio (jul…
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2020

Hi everybody,

Those who might be interested in seeing a (simple) example
of an MVC architecture in a web based app, please have a
look at the "Inertial Frames" one here:


I also make extensive use of observables and two-way
bindings (powered by Knockout.js), which I think are a
necessary ingredient for dealing with complex interfaces.

Not that this one is particularly complex, in fact the
app and the code itself are pretty simple.  But indeed
the point of interest is the overall architecture, and
that, I think, in its minimality, shows all the essential
ingredients, at their place and with their interactions,
modulo of course possible (but I'd expect, minor)

The code itself is not "optimal" in more than one place,
but I propose this is also an example of real code, which
is always work in progress: and what that means.

Anyway, that much for a presentation.  I just hope some
might find it interesting.  Feel free to ask questions,
suggest improvements, report problems, etc. (in fact, it
is an open project!).  I am also open to discussing
architectural issues, after all that is the main topic
here, but only as long as it is remains a technical