Approach to find out parsed values that goes wrong?

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Subject: Approach to find out parsed values that goes wrong?
Posted by:  Jonas_Thörnvall
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2020

I am oarsing a file following a format, even made some what an editor for i=
However sometimes the values not expected "bad parsed" at some instance.
But it seem to screw up my listing of the values so i can not even see what=
the values it goes wrong is, although i see the "events/array element" mis=

Unfortunately for me what ever value that is there prevents me from sorting=
, the eventlist on time. And since there is several instruments pretty much=
layed out sequential aftereachother on same channel.

I noticed this because a guy had layed out left and right hand as separate =
"instruments". So basicly all things played with left hand comes after the =
ones played with right hand and since there seem to be NaN values in the ev=
ent list the sort seem to bug out?

I really must say i do hate to parse midi even that the thing i parse from =
have neatly tied up the 70-style bit structure with labeled objects.
I still bomb out try to reparse it for my sequenser.

Seeing that i miss event 3289,3290 in list do not help me that much.
I somehow must find out what they contain.