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Subject: Arithmetic Accuracy Question
Posted by:  dr.j.r.stockt…
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020

I have the following script.  In infinite-accuracy arithmetic, all
variables will have integer values; but 2^63, although represented
exactly in an IEEE Double, is outside the range in which all
integers can be represented exactly.  Am I entitled to say that,
script using IEEE Doubles, all the variables will take the
infinite-accuracy values?

TwoToPowerOf63    = Math.pow(2, 63)        // 2^63
SecsIn400Years    = (400*365+100-3) * (60*60*24)    // Seconds in 400 years
Quadrennia    = TwoToPowerOf63 / SecsIn400Years | 0    // DIV
Remainder    = TwoToPowerOf63 % SecsIn400Years    // MOD

And, does currently predominantly-used JavaScript natively have
greater-precision types of numbers, such as 64-bit unsigned
integers?  I do have a Pascal/Delphi vast-integer program
(IIRC, up to +- 15^99999999), but I want something simpler here).

If so, recommended URL(s)?

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