Webpage background JS non-stop animation idea

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Subject: Webpage background JS non-stop animation idea
Posted by:  robamman20…@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2020

If somebody is interested of this idea, then he or she can program it and paste us the link.

How to do it:

Make for example 12 shapes of characters.
With random number generator pick a place on screen and draw the shape.
Then find next shape and position, that does not match first one.
Make a smooth points moving from one shape to another.
Then find next position and continue the process until the webpage stays open.

Kristjan Robam
Tel: 372 6861327
E-mail: ro ba m man 20 2 0@ ho t mai l . co m
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Also, if you are interested of getting this programmed by myself, then please contact me and we'll see how much it would cost for you.