RLINK - Resource / memory limit for link in Delphi 6

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Subject: RLINK - Resource / memory limit for link in Delphi 6
Posted by:  Ravi (ravi…@gmail.com)
Date: 3 Jul 2006

I have a very strange problem when linking a large project in Delphi 6.

Sometimes I get a link failure reporting an "Error: RLINK32: Error
opening file "xxx.dfm"
But if i rebuild again it goes off without any change in any code. The
error comes only from a Command line script and does not occurs in IDE.

Is there a limit to the size of a Delphi 6 project?  What else might be
causing this?

I am using the latest update of Delphi 6 on Windows 2000 Service Pack
4. I have plenty of virtual memory free.

( I guess something same like the above is also reported by Paul
Harrington in the same group but no solutions were given towards the
same). Paul if you had got any solution can you post your solution here
so that it can help everybody.

Thanks in Advance