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Subject: Application.MessageBox
Posted by:  AdamMaynard24 (adammaynard…
Date: 4 Jul 2006

I have been looking for a dialog where I can display these things:

Title of dialog
Icon of dialog - warning, error, information etc.
Message in the dialog
Custom buttons - with option to get the result of these

There seems to be a few options for the message box dialog:
ShowMessage, MessageDlg, MessageBox..

So far, MessageBox seems like it should fit my criteria. Here's the

function MessageBox(const Text: WideString; const Caption: WideString =
''; Buttons: TMessageButtons = [smbOK]; Style: TMessageStyle =
smsInformation; Default: TMessageButton = smbOK; Escape: TMessageButton
= smbCancel): TMessageButton;

This is for CLX though, there's also VCL:

function MessageBox(const Text, Caption: PChar; Flags: Longint =
MB_OK): Integer;

Is CLX Kylix only? I presume so, because I can't get the previous
version to accept so many parameters.

Also, is there a dialog which could satisfy my criteria?