Re: CRLF - #13#10 ?

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Subject: Re: CRLF - #13#10 ?
Posted by:  Nicholas Sherlock (N.sherlo…
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006

AdamMaynard24 wrote:
> Why use #13#10 when either #13 or #10 will start on a new line. I know
> #13 is carriage return and  #10 is line feed.. but why use them both
> together. Doesn't carriage return (enter?) mean you're on a new line -
> hence, line feed?
> Any info on this subject would be appreciated.

It's really just a choice that Windows made, the standard is different
on other operating systems. I guess that it dates back to the days where
#13, would really return the carriage (Move the print head back to the
left position) and #10 would then cause a line feed (Advance the paper).

Nicholas Sherlock



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CRLF - #13#10 ? posted by AdamMaynard24 on 16 Jul 2006