Re: Delphi equivalent in the C world or Scheme/LISP world

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Subject: Re: Delphi equivalent in the C world or Scheme/LISP world
Posted by:  Hans-Peter Diettrich (DrDiettric…
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008

gnuist0… schrieb:
> Is there a Delphi equivalent in the C world or Scheme/LISP world ?

Depends on what exactly you want to be equivalent, and what you want to
be C/Scheme/Lisp proprietary.

> Recently, Delphi is in resurgence. In Russia people are using like
> crazy.

They have special conditions, for using Delphi in education (schools,

> Also delphi, I heard delphi allows visual programming and delphi
> programs run on:
> linux
> win2k
> winxp
> vista

Delphi programs can run on many more platforms, when the FreePascal
compiler is used for the final build.

> I heard that its a lot easier than MFC, and C# and so on.

Most GUI development environments are based on specific graphics
libraries. The Delphi VCL (Visual Component Library) was developed for
Windows GDI, then converted into CLX (AFAIR based on Qt), and FreePascal
has implemented a true platform independent FCL (Free Component
Library), that is fully compatible with the VCL. The whole VCL/FCL is
written in Delphi (OPL), so that it can be used only with compilers that
can use the Delphi object model. The RAD Studio, now sold by
Embarcadero, includes such compilers for Delphi, Delphi.NET, C++ and C#,
where for C# the VCL has been ported to .NET, so that it also can be
used with every .NET language.

I dunno whether the VCL really is easier to use than any equivalent
library, but when I see that the VCL (as FCL) can be used with many
graphical environments, it seems to be a very good, portable and IMO
really easily usable library. In most cases it's sufficient to drop VCL
components on a form, set their properties, add event handlers, and
you're done with the whole GUI. There exist various extensions of the
VCL, where you can find readily usable components for almost every task.

> The only think I worried is the PASCALISH syntax. Can any of you tell
> me if there is an alternative in C world and the pros and cons because
> I am used to C syntax.

Then I suggest that you use the RAD Studio, where you can use the VCL
also with C/C++/C# code. Or get an old Borland C++ Builder, or a newer
C++ personality of BDS, which allow to use the VCL with C++. I've been
using C and C++ in former times, amongst many other languages, but since
I came across Delphi, now I write everything in Delphi myself, and only
"package" existing C code for use in my Delphi code.



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