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Subject: Re: Delphi equivalent in the C world or Scheme/LISP world
Posted by:  Martin Schreiber (
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008

gnuist0… wrote:

> Is there a Delphi equivalent in the C world or Scheme/LISP world ?
> Recently, Delphi is in resurgence. In Russia people are using like
> crazy. For example, Bolega has written a free image processing program
> scankromsator in delphi because its easy to write a gui. In arabia
> people are using it also.
> Also delphi, I heard delphi allows visual programming and delphi
> programs run on:
> linux
> win2k
> winxp
> vista
Alternatives to Delphi are
and MSEide+MSEgui:
Lazarus and fpGUI are based on the Free Pascal compiler:
MSEide+MSEgui compiles with Free Pascal and Delphi 7.

Lazarus tries to be Delphi compatible and uses platform specific widgetsets,
fpGUI and MSEgui don't use external widget libraries, the whole widget and
gui code is written with Object Pascal in a platform independent manner in
order to allow identical look and feel on all platforms.
MSEide is a sophisticated development environment to build MSEgui graphical
cross platform applications and other Pascal, C/C++, mixed language and
embedded projects.
Another main domain of MSEide+MSEgui are database applications.
MSEide+MSEgui supports docking, visual form inheritance, submodules (TFrame
equivalent) and datamodules with designtime cross form component linking.
MSEgui is a fresh approach to gui toolkit design and shows many new and
innovative concepts, it is fully Unicode since the start of the project
several years ago.
MSEide is GPL, the MSEgui library is licensed under modified LGPL with
static linking exception.
MSEide+MSEgui has recently released version 1.8 for FPC 2.2.2, it is stable,
very flexible, relatively light and used in production.
Questions please to NNTP:

Graeme can probably give more information about fpGUI. :-)



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