Delphi - Terminal Servers and the Registry

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Subject: Delphi - Terminal Servers and the Registry
Posted by:  neilc19…
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009

Hi all,
I'm having a problem with accessing the registry when I'm am logging
into onto a terminal server running a delphi app.

Here's the scenario,
The domain server is running a delphi app which accesses the registry
(HKEY_LOCAL_USER).  Using a roaming profile with user and remote user
rights Delphi can see the registry and pull the info it needs.

Using the same user on a machine that is accessing the app via a
terminal server and for some reason the app cannot read the registry
at all.

Some investigation prooves that using any TRegistry access rights and
OpenKey (OpenKeyReadOnly) combinations will not do the trick.  Using
OpenKey - returns a value of true however there are no keys or values
to be returned.

Now I know this is almost probably a user rights issue on the TS or
the machine but I haven't a clue what to check.

The problem is resolved if we set the users up as power users - but
that is not really a good option in this case.

Does anyone have any thoughts?