I need urgent help please

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Subject: I need urgent help please
Posted by:  Nuke Pave (noju…@mail.com)
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004

OK here it goes:

Windows 2k server SBS, 2 NICs 1 static cox 24.xxx.xxx.xxx address, 1 static
192.xxx.xxx.xxx address for internal, running DHCP server, 8 client machines
all running winXP pro.

Problem,  DHCP service keeps shutting down and in the event viewer I get
error code 1053 which states "The DHCP/BINL service has encountered another
server with the I.P. Address 68.xxx.xxx.xxx belonging to the domain:.

I have no services on my server or anywhere within the network which use a
68.xxx.xxx.xxx address.  That IP segment is owned by Cox for thier
residential services.

Can anyone help with this problem?  I am running out of options and all of
my users are running out of patience.