Silly network problem

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Subject: Silly network problem
Posted by:  Max (M…
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004

I am trying to connect 2 pcs with 2 different networks, by adding
a second ethernet adapter on both.

On the 1st pc, the second ethernet adapter added is a gigabit,
while the first was a 10/100 connected to a hub and a router,
wich still works fine.

On the 2nd pc instead, the gigabit is onboard, and the
second is a 10/100 this time. Well, to interconnect the 2 pcs
with a cross cable in beetween the 2 gigabit adapter, was no problem.

But looks like there's no way to tell the onboard gigabit
on the 2nd pc to stop going on the hub/router network.

Uninstalled, deleted reg-edited, whatever didn't work,
the only way it wants to see the hub router network is
tru the gigabit adapter. as I enable the second board,
it quits talking. Im stuck.

When everything is configured properly, route printout
is the same. on one work and on the other doesn't.
What is the matter ? Where is Xp writing routes
in a way not accessible by clients ?

Thanks to the ones may have occured the same, for any help.