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Subject: DHCP
Posted by:  NoNuts (nonuts_f…@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004

Hi all

I got the a wierd problem with a NIC of mine (actually 2)

I was planning on installing a DHCP server, since i'm playing around with a
DNS server as well and i dont want to use the routes DHCP server, because I
later on will use that as a bridged network...

Anyway, when using static ip addresses, no problem, but when i set up
'automatic' it doesnt get any ip's from the DHCP (the routes), but every
other computer on the networks does, and leases a fine. First i thought
there was something wrong with the NIC, so I changed it, but same problem,
changing cables didnt work either :(

Every computer runs XP Pro and is setup pretty much the same, is there some
stupid thing i am totally unaware of  or mist ?

Both NICs are pci ones, but is it something in the BIOS that holds this of