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Subject: Re: Hiding two PCs on same LAN from eachother
Posted by:  CJT (abujle…
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004

Paul H wrote:

> I have two home PCs (WinXP and WinME) sharing a broadband internet
> connection via a NAT router. I wan to make each machine completely invisible
> to the other. The thinking behind this is, if one machine gets a worm/trojan
> etc. the other machine will not get infected because there will be no TCP/IP
> communication between them even though they share the same router.
> Is there a way to do this without wrestling with IPSec/local security policy
> or installing a personal firewall on each machine? I do not want the users
> making decisions on what to block/allow etc..
> Basically my network will be:
> Router
> Computer_01
> Computer_02
> (the IP address above are not set in stone, they're just to illustrate a
> possible config)
> I just want to set it up so Computer_01 has no possible way of receiving a
That's a tall order.  You'll need a router with that functionality.

> single packet from Computer_02 and vice versa, but they both must access the
> web.
> What is the "easiest" way of doing this?
> Thanks,
> Paul

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