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Subject: Re: Hiding two PCs on same LAN from eachother
Posted by:  Ramsin G (ramsi…
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004

you can easily separate the two computer by giving them IP addresses in
different subnets.

for example: In a class C network with the default subnet mask of, the first three octects of the IP address are the Network ID
and the Last octet is the Host ID.

This means that and are on the same network, but is on a different network.

If you have two computers on different subnets, they will not be able to
communicate to each other unless you enable the router to allow packet
forwarding between the two subnets.

Im not sure if normal everyday adsl or cable routers allow you to assign IP
addresses on different subnets. I only know of the common routers which have
dhcp and assign IP addresses to computers connected to them and the dhcp
assigns IP addresses all on the same subnet.

Ramsin G
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"Paul H" <> wrote in message
> I have two home PCs (WinXP and WinME) sharing a broadband internet
> connection via a NAT router. I wan to make each machine completely
> to the other. The thinking behind this is, if one machine gets a
> etc. the other machine will not get infected because there will be no
> communication between them even though they share the same router.
> Is there a way to do this without wrestling with IPSec/local security
> or installing a personal firewall on each machine? I do not want the users
> making decisions on what to block/allow etc..
> Basically my network will be:
> Router
> Computer_01
> Computer_02
> (the IP address above are not set in stone, they're just to illustrate a
> possible config)
> I just want to set it up so Computer_01 has no possible way of receiving a
> single packet from Computer_02 and vice versa, but they both must access
> web.
> What is the "easiest" way of doing this?
> Thanks,
> Paul



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