Re: User Logon box appears after modem connects

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Subject: Re: User Logon box appears after modem connects
Posted by:  Ross Durie (rdur…
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004

And what error message do you get??

"Bevin B." <bevi…> wrote in message
> I've searched these groups and the internet for an answer and can't
> find it!
> I loaded win98se onto an old Compaq Deskpro XL 5100.  I did this from
> a hard drive that had been reformatted.  I am trying to get a dial-up
> internet connection established. The settings are good because they
> work on two other computers but when I try it on this one, you hear
> the modem connect, and then a dialog box appears called User Logon and
> asks for user name and password.  It is autofilled in with the dial-up
> connection name and password, but that doesn't work.  I tried the
> windows 98 user logon which is just Anonymous with no password, that
> doesn't work.  What do they want or how do I get rid of it?
> My system is set up with CLient for MS networks as primary logon;
> tweak is installed to log on automatically at start-up, Dial up
> connection is ppp, has only enable software compression and tcp/ip
> checked, can anyone help me with this?
> Thanks much, Bevin B.



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