TCP connection refused

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Subject: TCP connection refused
Posted by:  Bonj (
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005

I wonder if anybody can help me..
I have got two linux machines, both running fedora core 2, and a windows
machine (running XP) - I have built a TCP client and server for linux (and
one for windows), these all work fine when connecting to localhost -
however they can't seem to connect to each other - the connet() call always
errors with "connection refused" - *both* when trying to do it from windows
to linux (linux running the server), *and* linux to linux (linux running the
server and the client).

Everything else network related works - the windows machine can see the
linux files via the samba server and vice versa, and the windows web browser
can see the linux box's web server's apache home page, and the linux
machines can both see each other's files, and browse to each other's web
It's just my own TCP programs that always seem to refuse to connect. It's
always "Connection refused". I'm stumped as to what I can do, because the
programs work fine when connecting to localhost / - just not to
each other.

Any ideas?