MS Remote Desktop vs PC Anywhere

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Subject: MS Remote Desktop vs PC Anywhere
Posted by:  MrBister (chri…
Date: 1 Jun 2005

I have aproxx 70 clients that are using PCanywhere for us to remotely
support them, and I don't have any problems using it and it does
everything I want it do to...which is great.

my problem is, I now have 1 client who doesn't wish to use PC anywhere
as it creates a "hole" in there security. (no more than remote desktop

Remote Desktop will work for me, but the problem with using remote
desktop for me is that it doesn't have the capabilities that PCAW has,
like file transfers and transfering clipboards, which are quite
important for the type of suppport we are providing.

I have read on other forums of ways top tighten down the security for
PCAW. one person had mentioned alowing only certain IP's to access the
ports needed.....and I am assuming they are doing that through the
firewall. aswell I think PCAW has encripted passwords if

We haven't needed to have strict password and security in the past as
we only turn on PCAW when it is needed...not 24/7...but now I need to
come up with facts on why PCAW is just as secure as remote desktop.
anyone help me out here?

Bottomline......Is MS remote desktop more secure than PCAW and what can
I do to beef up the security within PCAW to make my client feel more

Thanks for your replies in advance