Switch changes TCP Window size.

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Subject: Switch changes TCP Window size.
Posted by:  TomR (t.resti…@comlabs.com)
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007

Recently I was running into trouble with one of my server timing out
on connections to the other.  I went to capture the packets on the lan
and forgot that switches send packets only to who they belong to.  So
I put in a dumb hub.  My conection problem went away.  So i changed
the switch from the linksys SR224 to the Trendnet TE100-S16.  The
problem came back.  After capturing the packets on the sending server
and the destination server the difference I found was the Window size
was always the same outbound the when they got to the receiving server
the packet size changed to almost half on some packets.  those packets
were the ones where the connection failed.  Can a normal switch change
information in the packet or is my problem somewhere else.  Please