Re: Computer name vs IP not working - why?

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Subject: Re: Computer name vs IP not working - why?
Posted by:  John Wunderlich (jwunderli…
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009

Al <BigAl.…> wrote in

> HI Guys,
> I have a workgroup of about 4 computers.
> They are connected to a DD-WRT router with a ADSL modem behind
> that.
> The network has been newly setup and I used to be able to type in
> a computer name like \COMPUTER1 to view its shares etc, but now I
> cant, however the \192, still works.
> What troble shooting steps can I take to find the problem?
> At this stage it only seems to be effecting some PC's.

Machines on same subnet should find each other when using the
\Computer1 etc type of addressing.  They find each other by
broadcasting and wait for the other machine to respond.  There are two
reasons why broadcasting might not work...

1) A computer's firewall is blocking the broadcast
2) A computer is configured as a P-Node (Peer-to-Peer) which does not
use broadcasting to resolve names (uses WINS server only).

Case 1: Temporarily disable or uninstall firewalls on your computers
and/or make sure that there is a firewall exception for File and
Printer Sharing.

Case 2: Read:
"You cannot view other workgroup computers on the network on a Windows
XP-based computer">




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