Re: Computer name vs IP not working - why?

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Subject: Re: Computer name vs IP not working - why?
Posted by:  bod43 (Bod…
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009

On 27 Apr, 21:05, Al <BigAl.…> wrote:
> HI Guys,
> I have a workgroup of about 4 computers.
> They are connected to a DD-WRT router with a ADSL modem behind that.
> The network has been newly setup and I used to be able to type in a
> computer name like \COMPUTER1 to view its shares etc, but now I cant,
> however the \192, still works.
> What troble shooting steps can I take to find the problem?
> At this stage it only seems to be effecting some PC's.
> PS: Where is the "connection specific dns suffix coming from? My is
> currently set to home, even though the workgroup name defined in each

You may well get an answer here but one of the Microsoft groups
is likely to have a greater depth of expertise.

Maybe windows firewall has been turned on and is blocking
NETBIOS name resolution broadcasts?

Connection spscific DNS can come from DHCP or be configured
locally. COntrol Panel/network .. i forget cos it has all
been made way harder in vista.

What OS are you using on "each" of the conputers?
Client/server working/not working.

this is by the way very unlikely to be a wireless issue.


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