Isolation From Lightning Strike?

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Subject: Isolation From Lightning Strike?
Posted by:  (PeteCresswell) (..@y.Invalid)
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 2015

Cat5E to a garden shed.

On the shed is a TV antenna.

Inside the shed are a couple of HD HomeRun digital TV tuners.

OTA TV comes in over the antenna, into the HD HomeRuns, and out to my
LAN closet on the Cat5E.

The plan is a separate CAT5e cable for each tuner (just because they are
there and unused).... They could just as easily go into a little switch
and then the switch connects to one Cat5e cable....

At the risk of over-thinking this, I wonder what my network's exposure
is if lightning strikes the TV antenna.

Would a sacrificial switch serve to isolate the shed?

Or do the (also sacrificial) tuners already act as isolators from the

Something else?

My understanding is that the Good-Right-And-Holy path for a situation
like this is fiber from the shed to the LAN closet.... but if you take
everything I know about fiber, roll it up into a ball, and set it on the
edge of a razor blade - it will look like a golf ball in the middle of
the New Jersey Turnpike...

Pete Cresswell