Window shows "busy" cursor

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Subject: Window shows "busy" cursor
Posted by:  Gernot Frisch (…
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008


When I open my window, it shows a busy cursor, and I can't move it.
When I click on another window and then re-activate my window, everything is
What can it be?
(App is designed for PocketPC, but problem is on Win32, Vista)

Here's some code:

WNDCLASS wc;  = 0;
    wc.lpfnWndProc  = (WNDPROC) WinProc;
    wc.cbClsExtra  = 0;
    wc.cbWndExtra  = 0;
    wc.hInstance  = argInstance;
    wc.hIcon  = 0;
    wc.hCursor  = 0;
    wc.hbrBackground = 0;
    wc.lpszMenuName  = 0;
    wc.lpszClassName = szClassName;

  m_HWND = CreateWindow(szClassName, szAppName,
WS_VISIBLE|WS_CAPTION|WS_SYSMENU, 0, 0, WindowRectangle.right,
WindowRectangle.bottom, HWND_DESKTOP, NULL, argInstance, NULL);

// set focus to foremost child window
// The "| 0x01" is used to bring any owned windows to the
// foreground and activate them.
::SetForegroundWindow((HWND)(((DWORD)m_HWND) | 0x01));
::ShowWindow(m_HWND, SW_SHOW);

Gernot Frisch