Looking for advanced tutorial-type material on Visual C++

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Subject: Looking for advanced tutorial-type material on Visual C++
Posted by:  Ramon F Herrera (ram…@conexus.net)
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008

I am an experienced Unix developer, but when it comes to C++ on
Windows I am little more than a newbie.

I have been compiling several projects and solutions written by
others, and doing some simple coding of mine.

Notice that I said *compiling*, because that is as far as I feel
confident. The linking phase is the one that always prevents me from
making progress.

I make extensive use of third party libraries for image processing,
SIP, wxWidgets, PDF creation, etc., etc. I am more or less clear on
the "Debug" vs "Release" modes, and the "Additional Include
Directories". I would recommend to use environment variables such as $
(WXWIN) to avoid problems when passing around solutions to other

Again, my frustration is the linking stage. It's like a wall. Take for
instance, one of my latest headaches. Using my intuition, I added
several libraries in the "Additional Dependencies" section and several
directories into the "Additional Library Directories" section. The
first error says:

MSVCRT.lib(MSVCR80.dll) : error LNK2005: _isspace already defined in

Please notice that I am not looking for a quick tip: "Just add (or
remove) library such and such" (*). I would like to investigate the
above error, to polish my detective skills. How do I determine in what
libraries is '_isspace' defined? Is there a list somewhere of all the
typical libraries that a WIN32 needs?

Those are the sort of questions that I have. There must be some
material on the topic.

Your kind assistance is much appreciated.


(*) If you give a fish to a man, you feed him for a day...