Using Windows Explore Style Column Headers?

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Subject: Using Windows Explore Style Column Headers?
Posted by:  Larry Lindstrom (nobo…
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008

Hi Folks:

    Developing on XP Media, VC6, WIN32, no MFC.  Soon, VS 2008.

    First, a quick question.  Any down side to VS 2008?  Is a
VC++ 2008 available, and cheaper?  I can't see references the
product split out.  Anyway, I hope to drag myself into the
21st century this week.

    I want to duplicate Windows Explore's column heading in my
app.  Column sorting, with ascending and descending indicator,
moving and resizing columns, are the big items.  There may be
other features I'm unaware of.

    I've seen other applications that do some of this.  The
now defunct Daytimer does column moving and resizing.

    Is there support for this task?  Or must I have to build all
of this functionality by hand?

    I feel comfortable tackling this task, but if Microsoft
already supports this I'd rather let them do the work.