Win98/MSDOS.SYS: Disabling DRVSPACE?

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Subject: Win98/MSDOS.SYS: Disabling DRVSPACE?
Posted by:  Harry Potter (rose.joseph…
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019

Hi!  I am aware of the DRVSPACE option in the Win98 MSDOS.SYS file.  I know=
tah setting it to 0 *should* disable the DOS DriveSpace driver.  The probl=
em I have is, if I clear the protection switches using ATTRIB and edit the =
file, the option won't stick.  I notice this when I restart the computer in=
DOS mode for a special setup.  Now, I use DriveSpace in Win98 mode but don=
't need it in DOS mode.  What do I do to *keep* the settings?  I have QEMM,=
which is incompatible with my version of DriveSpace, and I really want to =
use it.  :/