inetcomm MimeOleDecodeHeader - what does it do ?

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Subject: inetcomm MimeOleDecodeHeader - what does it do ?
Posted by:  R.Wieser (addre…@not.available)
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2020

Hello all,

I came across the MimeOleDecodeHeader function (inetcomm.dll, xpsp3), and
due to its name it sounded like an interresting function*.  So, I called it
with a saved newsgroup message as input (and a NULL characterset).

*I assumed it would pull the header information apart, qualify it parts and
store them
in a kind of array.

The result was rather disappointing : the PropertyValue result was as simple
string that was, as far as I could tell, the exact the same as the input.

My question therefore is : What is MimeOleDecodeHeader supposed to be doing
?    MS doesn't say anything about it.  Googeling for the function doesn't
turn up any info or examples either.

Second question:
I notice that MS is removing programming related information thats still, as
an XPsp3 user, relevant to me.  DirectX object descriptions either have
fully disappeared (from MS as well as the wider internet) or supposedly only
contain IUnknown and no further methods or properties, DLLs that have
disappeared, etc.

I know if the existance of the "WayBack machine", but have no clue to entice
it to divulge information from, lets say, around 15 years back (when XP was
still in its prime years)

IOW, how do I "google" the "WayBack machine" for information  (on a browser
that has JS disabled) ?

Rudy Wieser