Networking Win32/64 computers at Mother's house?

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Subject: Networking Win32/64 computers at Mother's house?
Posted by:  Harry Potter (rose.joseph…
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020

I'm looking to network some of the Windows computers at my mother's house a=
nd, when I'm there, my Win10/64 laptop.  The computers to network include a=
Win98SE computer, a WinXP laptop, my mother's personal Win10/64 mini-tower=
and, if possible, a DOS laptop with no hard drive.  All of the computers m=
entioned except the DOS laptop have USB ports, but the Win98SE computer's U=
SB ports are all used.  The DOS laptop is currently networked to the Win98=
SE computer to act as a hard drive via a null-modem serial cable.  How much=
would this cost, and how do I do it?  BTW, what benefits do I get by netwo=
rking these computers?