OW 2.0 C: Substitute for fopen()?

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Subject: OW 2.0 C: Substitute for fopen()?
Posted by:  Harry Potter (rose.joseph…@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020

Hi!  I have and use Open Watcom C/C++ and am using DMC to program file comp=
ression.  Recently, I tried to convert the DMC code to OW C and ran into tw=
o problems: 1. some ANSI functions were not found as the library that conta=
ins them couldn't be found, but when I moved the program to the hard drive,=
it worked.  And 2. the fopen() function didn't work properly: fread() repo=
rted zero bytes read, and the program crashed a few seconds later.  I reall=
y want OW's optimizations, as the compression code is too slow.  What funct=
ions do I use to replace the ANSI file functions?