NtReplyWaitReceivePortEx timeout problems

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Subject: NtReplyWaitReceivePortEx timeout problems
Posted by:  R.Wieser (addre…@not.available)
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2020

Hello all,

I've got some consol based code using NtReplyWaitReceivePort (directly after
an NtCreatePort call) which works.  But ...  It blocks forever.  So, I tried
to replace it with NtReplyWaitReceivePortEx, as it has got a timeout

Alas, no matter what I try I either directly get a 0x0 (WAIT_OBJECT_0) or an
0x0102 (WAIT_TIMEOUT) result, with nothing in between,no matter which
timeout value I use.

I've tried to find documentation to the obove NtReplyWaitReceivePortEx
function, but MS doesn't offer it, and the pages did find do not say
anything other than that the timeout argument is a pointer to a

So, my question is: does anyone know how the "timeout" argument to the
NtReplyWaitReceivePortEx function works ?  Is it perhaps a record that
needs a special setup ?  If so, what ?  Anything else ?

Secondary question : what is the function of NtListenPort ?
NtReplyWaitReceivePort seems to do something quite similar ...

Rudy Wieser