Linksys BEFSX41 vs. high end firewalls

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Subject: Linksys BEFSX41 vs. high end firewalls
Posted by:  Mig (ebth…
Date: 1 Dec 2003

I have a small medical office customer that is trying to save money
wherever possible and want an inexpensive router for DSL internet
access.  We want to stay within HIPAA guidelines, but I can't really
figure out if we need a high end unit like the Cisco Pix series, or if
the firewall in the BEFSX41 is sufficient.  Some of the features it
advertises are:

Protects PCs from Ping of Death, SYN Flood, Land Attacks, IP Spoofing,
and Other DoS (Denial of Service) Attacks
The Router can be configured to limit internal users' Internet access
based on URLs and/or time periods—URL filtering and time filtering.
For enhanced protection against intruders from the Internet, the
Router features an advanced Stateful Packet Inspection firewall.

Can anyone offer some advise on the matter?