Questions about NPF 2004

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Subject: Questions about NPF 2004
Posted by:  Guess Who (chippe…
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003

Having installed and uninstalled NPF 2004 twice, I'd rather have it
installed, but find several annoyances ...

1) Why are there so many extra processes running in the background?

2) I have enabled the advanced features to detect when programs run other
processes that access the internet.  It seems every time I reboot my
machine, I have to go through all the warning alerts again for all the stuff
I previously allowed in.  Most annoying is the live update check which runs
when the machine boots up, and checking my email with Outlook 2003. Does
this list of allowed modules reset every time I reboot?  I noticed that once
when accessing the list, when I attempted to close it, it crashed with the
WinXP "This program needs to close" dialog.  When I checked the list again
it was blank.

3) Is it wise to keep the 2 advanced settings off?  (They are off by