Re: NFS mount : RPC : Timed out on RedHat 9

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Subject: Re: NFS mount : RPC : Timed out on RedHat 9
Posted by:  reh (someo…
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003

JoeAley2003 wrote:

> Hi all.
> I just installed redhat 9 on two machines and mount gives me RPC :
> Timed out on client machine and on local it mounts ok.
> Ex:
> mount -t nfs /mnt/test2    -> Works!!!(LOCAL)
> mount -t nfs /mnt/teste2 -> NOPE!  (ON CLIENT)
> Since i checked export.conf
> /mnt/test
> /mnt/test
> and my hosts.allow is
> portmap:ALL
> lockd:ALL
> mountd:ALL
> rquotad:ALL
> statd:ALL
> i can only think on a firewall. So, i stopped iptables and ip6tables
> (i think they are the same, but i stopped both buy the way) and it's
> still not working.
> I installed redhat with high security level, but in my linuxconf there
> is no firewalling rule on. I checked it all.
> So, how can i know and stop ALL firewalling on my machine?
> What are the services i have to restart? I restarted all buy the way
> and it is still not working...
> Thank You!

Try to flush the iptables,  # iptables -F
And make sure all required services are turned on the client.  Guarddog
is really good firewall.  Always had good luck with it. I had this RPC
problem once, IIRC, it was the firewall.

robert - redhat & slackware


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