Re: Port 515 Print Spooler issue

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Subject: Re: Port 515 Print Spooler issue
Posted by:  NeoSadist (neosad1…
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003

exjd wrote:

> Recent shields-up scan showed my port 515 (print spooler) open -- all else
> is stealth. Not sure why it should be open on the WAN side -- I don't use
> my router's print server, just the printer on one computer and have it as
> a shared resoure on the LAN.

Uh, question: is this windows that you're using?  If it is, get a firewall,
or get a better firewall, or configure the firewall that you have, etc.  If
it's Linux or a Linux server that's showing that port, and it's using
IPTables, you can try modifying the rules for that port to only allow
access from IP's on your own LAN.

> How can I close port 515 on the WAN side?
> thx
> Alan

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Port 515 Print Spooler issue posted by exjd on Sun, 21 Dec 2003