Firewall stops Internet Sharing from Clie

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Subject: Firewall stops Internet Sharing from Clie
Posted by:  Ryder Cowan (rydercow…
Date: 25 Dec 2003

I find that I can only use Internet sharing from my Clie UX50 if I disable
the Internet Connection Firewall on my desktop - then it works fine.
However, I don't want to leave the firewall disabled - for obvious reasons.
Is there any way of overcoming this problem?

Configuration is as follows - not ideal, probably, but as it is for
historical reasons:-

Desktop runs WinXP Home, with USB broadband modem connection to Internet.
Desktop connected to LAN switch. Wireless access point (D-link DWL-700AP)
also connected to switch. DHCP disabled on WAP, but Clie set to use DHCP.
(I'm not at all clear what's allocating the IP address to the Clie. I have
found that I cannot access the Internet from the Clie, even with the
firewall disabled, using a static IP address - it will only work using DHCP,
and provided DHCP is disabled on the WAP)

Ryder Cowan