Dialup Security: Is this a known problem?

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Subject: Dialup Security: Is this a known problem?
Posted by:  Jbwtsn03 (jbwtsn…@aol.com)
Date: 27 Dec 2003

Hiya friends!  First off, I'm sorry I didn't ammend my previous thread with
this entry, but I don't know how to work the AOL newgroups stuff just yet.  It
doesn't show messages I've read already, so I don't even get the chance to
ammend the previous string.  Isn't automation wonderful???  So here it goes:

Sorry about the no history.  I've told my problem to several boards with
several names, so it's tough to keep track of who has been told what!  I've
been dealing with a single cracker since March.  I first went with McAfee
Internet Security 5, but have been unable to keep the person out of my
computer.  I gave that program suite 8 months, but apparently was unable to
configure it properly.  Whatever.  Next, I moved on to NIS 2004.  I've been
struggling with this one for a month now.  I have tried so many things over so
much time that I'm starting to lose hope that I'll ever have success in
securing my privacy.  The most annoying thing is that the guy goes into all of
my email accounts and deletes everything but spam!

I have done ground up installations so often now that I have it down to a
science.  During the last month I started trying any program I could find.  I
figured it didn't matter if something screwed up the OS, since I'm going to
reformat again soon anyway!

Well, before this problem started, the AOL software showed a different
connection speed every time.  Now all it shows is 32000 bps -- even on the
intitial connection.  Suspicious?  Yes.  Furthermore, there's a longer than
normal delay during the sign on process between the number dialing and
connection speed displays.  Suspicious?  Yes.  What am I supposed to make of

After the very first time on the net with a new installation, the firewall
software icons disappear and the AOL software is all screwed up.  If I shut it
down, it starts right up again!  What I've found was that if I go into the
registry and "rem" out everything that refers to AOL, it will open and close

I'm sure that there's a program on my drive that allows him to see the desktop
and do whatever he wants, and nothing I've used so far can find anything wrong!
When I discovered that the registry has new entries, ie in the "Run Services"
key, he started hiding them elsewhere.  Now I can't find a thing on my own, and
I certainly can't afford an expert to look at it.  I think the install will
just get ruined again and I'll have wasted the money.

Is there any hope for solving this problem?  I figure he's got to be hijacking
my telephone call!  What else could it be???

Thank you for any input here.