Norton Internet Security runs Amok

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Subject: Norton Internet Security runs Amok
Posted by:  Heinz Widmer (heinz.widm…
Date: 31 Dec 2003

Hello I have Norton Internet Security  since about nine months.

For my FileSharingProgram, there should be one UDP and One TCP port
open and listening.

Nine months ago I opened these two ports, and afterwards everything
worked fine. But Now since about a month ago, these Ports are always
stealth. Even if I disable the Firewall all my ports are still

The only way I got an open port, is to deinstall Norton internet
Security. At this time I had all the ports open.

(This is the proof that I have NOT blocked the Ports because of my
ISP, a Router or something else)

After having reinstalled NIS, all my ports were stealthended. And when
I made Rules to open some ports, and to unstealth them. It didn't
help. They are still steath.

I unhit the option in the properties, for stealthening unused ports.

Shortly I tried everything, but I can't get a port to be visible from

Has anybody had a similar Problem?

What couls be the Problem????

Greetinx Hemmi